About Us
What's the worst that could happen?

Most of us have asked ourselves at some point, “what if something really, really bad happened right now? What would I do?” That question can be asked an unlimited number of ways for an unlimited number of scenarios, but the question always boils down to the same core concept: am I prepared?

Asking oneself this question is the focal point of being what is known to most as a “prepper.” That is what we do. We aren’t tinfoil hat-wearing rednecks living in bunkers full of MREs and guns. We aren’t Special Operations badasses who jump out of helicopters and ruck march 30 miles a day. We aren’t survivalists who live out in the woods in makeshift shelters off of hunted and gathered food for weeks at a time. We know those kinds of people, and we have learned from them, but that’s not who we are or who we intend to speak to.  

We’re ordinary people who want to live our day-to-day lives working in front of computers and spending quality time with friends and family. Prepping for us is something we do to maintain ourselves in the case of an emergency, rather than being a hobby or something that is so large that it defines who we are. We have lives and being preppers is not something that we intend to interfere with that, but instead something that can enhance it.  

We believe a lot of things about prepping and how it can benefit us.

  • Prepping does not have to change your life, but it could save it.
  • Political views should not influence your desire to prep, although prepping could infuince your political views.
  • Technology and prepping are not mutually exclusive.
  • If you’re not prepared for small emergencies, you can’t possibly be prepared for a serious disaster.
  • The ability to prevent a disaster is just as important as the ability to mitigate it.
  • Being prepared usually means being armed.
  • There’s always room for improvement.

We aim to continue to learn more about ourselves and what we can do to prepare for disaster as we ask ourselves at every moment, “what’s the worst that could happen?”