The Episodes

In this episode of Geek Preppers, we unbox a Baofeng BF-888s radio.

Inexpensive, simple to use, and portable. This radio is perfect for setting up and maintaining a Comms plan with people unfamiliar with radios.

Can be purchased here:

Alpine Swiss RFID blocking wallet, so no one steals my credit card info.
KelTec P3AT in a Talon pocket holster, so no one steals my RFID blocking wallet. The Talon does a great job of holding its shape and not printing.
Fiddly flash drive with built-in micro USB adapter.
Nano light, actually not my favorite flash light and not very bright.
Multifunctional pocket knife. I love this thing. The flashlight is also meh. The blade has held up to some torture, though.
iGo KeyJuice adapter is a nice little fob that I grabbed years back. It is discontinued now.
Galaxy S7 Edge. I only got the Edge because it was on a BOGO. I love the S7, but the Edge features aren’t really worth paying any extra.

And I accidentally deleted the video where I talked about what was on my wrist, but I wear a Garmin VivoSmart HR. I went through a few smart watches and fitness trackers, and ultimately liked this one the most because it acts as a fitness tracker, has a move bar that tells me to get up and walk if I sit for too long, and most importantly it tells me what time it is. I can’t wear it in the shower, but that’s just as well because by charging it for 15-20 minutes while I’m in the shower, I never have to charge it overnight, making it also a good sleep tracker. I like it. I’ve had smart watches, but this is better IMO. Smart watches can be very difficult to read in sunlight and have to be charged every night, meaning you can’t do any sleep monitoring with them.

Our very first published video!

In this video, we start off our dead drop series with a very basic introduction of what dead drops are, how they work, and what they are used for. We demonstrate all four basic components of a dead drop in a real world example in a public space.

Thin magnetic key holders:
Multi-colored 3M electrical tape:

In future videos, we will be breaking down this process and explaining all the steps that go into setting up and maintaining a dead drop.

Also featured in this video: the mints that ruined half our footage.