It’s cheap radio vs cheap radio over here at Geek Preppers. We’ve put these little guys to the test and found…expected results to be honest. Both radios have comparable range in terms of our testing environment, with one edging out the other only slightly.

Between the both of us, we come up with use cases for both radios, and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

The Geek Preppers take a Baofeng 888S out into a rural environment and stress test it for its practical range.

We were surprised to learn the range was less than we expected. In the comments below, post surprising things you’ve learned about your own bugout equipment when testing it.

You can grab a Baofeng BF-888S here-

We take a Luiton LT-316 out into the woods and test it’s practical effective range in a rural setting.

We kept this experiment short and sweet. The results we find are that it breaks off around 1/3 miles.

Lution LT-316: