The Geek Preppers sit down and Andrew talks about his history, experiences, and why he became a prepper.

Sam empties his pockets for the camera. What do you carry every day? Let us know in the comments below!

Taurus PT738-
De Santis Superfly-
LUX-PRO LP200 Mini –
Crabby Wallet-
Kershaw Speedsafe Knife-
USB Drive
Samsung Galaxy S5
Bic mini lighter
Sam’s life savings

Similar to how we unboxed the Baofeng BF-888S, we take a look at the Luiton LT-316. It is also a UHF radio with 16 channels and can be programmed with software. Unlike the 888S, though, this has a small form factor, slim profile, and can be charged via Mini USB.

You can buy these radios here: